Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nick Cuti Art from Hitchcock

One of my favorite former Woodworkes is Nick Cuti, creator of MOONCHILD and, with Joe Staton, co-creator of E-MAN. Here's some lesser known art from Nick.

On Facebook, Rob Imes noted:For many years, the illustrations in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine were uniformly by one (?) artist whose scratchy style emphasized story-title lettering as much as the art. That all changed with the August 1982 issue when new editor Cathleen Jordan brought in a variety of excellent artists to provide the opening illos, among them former Charlton editor-writer Nick Cuti. The Cuti art shown here is from the Jan. 1985 (left) and April 1984 issues.


  1. Thank you for sharing some wonderful art here by Nick that I've never seen. Beautiful work!

  2. Thanks for posting my art on your page and for the compliments. The model for the art on the right is my late father-in-law Chick Veselsky. The model for the art to the right, including the hands, is me. I had my wife take the photos. Best, Nick