Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vanguard's New Wood Book--Press Release

Vanguard Publishing announces new Wally Wood book, Strange Worlds of Science Fiction

Tales from the Crypt and Weird Science publisher Bill Gaines called Daredevil, THUNDER Agents, and Mars Attacks co-creator, Wally Wood "the greatest Science Fiction artist of all time." Vanguard Publishing announces the new Wally Wood collection, Strange Worlds, which collects an unprecedented wealth of rare 1950s sci-fi comics by Wood including material from original titles, Strange Worlds, Space Detective, Capt. Science, Space Ace, and more. Readers who like Vanguard's Frazetta Classics, are sure to enjoy Vanguard's new Wally Wood Classics series.
Partial list of Contents:

The Flying Saucers,

An Earthman On Venus,

Spawn of Terror,

Winged Death On Venus,

The Monster God of Rogor,

The Martian Slayers,

The Insidious Doctor Khartoum,

Time Door of Throm,

Death in Deep Space,

Bandits of the Starways,

The Opium Smugglers of Venus,

Trail to the Asteroid Hideout,

The Weapon Out of Time,

Kenton of the Star Patrol,

Sirens of Space,

Rocky X: Operation Unknown

Author-Illustrator: Wallace Wood
Cover: Steranko & Wood
Hardcover: 200 color 8.5 x 11 pages
HC Retail: $39.95
Publisher: Vanguard
Release: October 31, 2011
Language: English
HC ISBN-10: 1934331406
HC ISBN-13: 978-1934331408


  1. This is - potentially - great news. I see it says "color" which I suspect means they will be coloring the stories just as the EC books were colored - with horrible photoshop coloring done in China. The rereleased EC books are a travesty (which is why I got the oversized B&W ones). Well, let's hope for the best - you can't order it on Amazon yet.

  2. I went to the source and asked publisher David Spurlock about the color:
    "I recommend people check out the Vanguard Frazetta Classics series including The Complete Frazetta Johnny Comet and The Complete Frazetta White Indian. We ran daily strips (drawn to run in black and white), at 3600 dpi from Frank's personal, original 1950s syndicate proofs and we ran color comics (Johnny Comet Sunday pages and White Indian comics stories) as 1200 dpi CMYK scans from the original vintage publications. On the Vanguard Wally Wood Classics series, including Strange Worlds, we will, whenever possible, keep up established Vanguard standards. On rare occasions, there might be an instant where we only have access to line art and might color that, to keep consistent with the rest of the stories but, as a rule, on classic color comics collections, we prefer to scan the original publication color."

  3. J. David correctly adds this major selling point, also---"PS: With this book, for less than the price of 1 Golden Age Wood comic, you can have his entire Avon sci-fi output and more!"

  4. BookSteve - thanks for asking! Sounds hopeful. Either way I'll order it. Spurlock is one of those reputable names, so I suppose he knows what he is doing...

  5. I own both volumes of Two-Fisted Tales and the 1st volume of Frontline Combat. I thought the coloring was very good in all three books. Will this Wally Wood Strange Tales of Science Fiction be offered in softcover in the future?