Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now Available For Pre-Order


  1. Hello Mr. Steve. Long time vistor to your site. Just love it!

    Just came across this link and thought you might like it. It's some of Mr. Wood's early horror art in 3D

  2. I pre-ordered my copy yesterday, Steve! I'm so incredibly excited by the WALLY WOOD ARTIST'S EDITION!! I can't wait to get my copy--can't wait, I tell ya!!

  3. Love the blog! I've always been fascinated by Wally Wood - one of a kind, a genius without doubt. What I'd like to know (if you know): - was he at all religious? Was he suffering from depression (I mean obviously he killed himself but maybe it was physical pain)? Have his wives ever spoken about him? I'm just interested in understanding the mind behind the man. And thanks for this post - I ordered my copy and am thrilled - I would not have known but for your post.