Friday, February 3, 2012

Adkins Does Steranko

In the early seventies, Marvel Comics adapted the classic Wells story of THE INVISIBLE MAN and the great Jim Steranko, during his covers-only phase at the company, did this eye-catching line art on the left.

A few years later Marvel reprinted the story in their black and white line but needed a painted cover rather than pen and ink so they called on former Woodworker Dan Adkins to translate Jaunty Jim's original work into a cover painting. The result is seen at right.


  1. Really interesting. The guy on the left stood up and pointing, in Steranko's version seems to be pointing to something else happening, Adkins has corrected it so he's staring and pointing at the Invisible Man.

  2. ACtually, Dan Adkins was the Art Director of the black and white magazine line at the time, and he was known for fixing up covers and "guest painting" a few covers here and there. He was also one of the best artist "mimics" in the industry, so matching styles was something that was pretty easy for him.