Monday, February 20, 2012

Drew Friedman's Wally Wood

The great caricaturist Drew Friedman has done a lovely portrait of Wood that can be ordered here in a very limited signed edition:


  1. with all due respect I think he would have made a far far better print of him drawing...

  2. I'm kind of not crazy about this either. I understand going in that this is Friedman. I assume the idea was to show the troubled genius with the addictive personality who created such wonderment regardless. I'm not suggesting that the warts should've been suppressed or not shown. A little more of the wonderment with maybe a little less of the addictive personality might've resulted in a more appealing image, though. Maybe even a funnier one? Is there a context for Friedman doing this image? An assignment for an article or something?

  3. Well put, Mark. The other thing though - in that era it seems that sadly just about everybody smoked and drank, so to portray him smoking doesn't necessarily show any of his individuality That is the genius behind his story My World (written by someone else) in that it shows Wood as Wood.