Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Richard Dragon Art

RANDOM ACTS OF GEEKERY has one of its regular collections of original art pages posted and includes this nice page by Ric Estrada inked by Wally Wood from DC's RICHARD DRAGON, KUNG-FU FIGHTER. I read somewhere that Mr. Estrada was not happy with Wood's inks here or on ALL-STAR COMICS but personally I always thought they meshed well.

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  1. I understand why Estrada was unhappy with Wood inking: When Wood had finished to ink a page it was a like a WOOD lonely art, a real good one: and it was almost impossible to see any Estrada track left on the page . I really like this and I bought almost 30 years ago one of this original art (an All StarComics" ) that I paid just a Handfull of Francs ! (it was in France )