Friday, March 4, 2011

Squa Tront Tribute Cover

Jerry Weist, the original publisher of the ultimate EC fanzine, SQUA TRONT, passed away in January of this year. Here we see the cover of the first issue of his long-running 'zine, from 1967. Clearly a Wally Wood tribute, I have sadly never had a copy of this first issue and was unable to determine the artist. Rick Showalter perhaps? I'm sure one of our knowledgable readers will know.


  1. This cover was done by comic book historian/collector Roger Hill who was a staff artist and editorial advisor on this 1st issue of Squa Tront!

  2. I have the first 2 issues of SQUA TRONT, as well as issue #7. All three of these issues have next to nothing in regards to Wally Wood. Hill's cover to issue one being an obvious tribute though. There are some nice Al Williamson sketches in the first few issues, and issue 7 has some nice Roy Krenkel art and an insert comic by Kurtzman. The printing in #7 is of course a helluva lot better than the printing in the first two issues of SQUA TRONT, and 7 even has some color pages. Still one of the greatest fanzines for sure.

    I have the first issue of WITZEND, which I treasure. That was such a great alternative publication. Wish I had a few more issues, but I don't. I do own a copy of "Woodwork" which collects Wood's WITZEND contributions.