Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wood Planet of the Apes?

Undoubtedly Wallace Wood did quite a bit of art for Topps during his time there but did he do this wrapper for PLANET OF THE APES cards? Dated 1967 (the film was released in 1968) the inking on the Zaius head makes me think it could be by Wood. Opinions?


  1. I say yes. Shape of the eyes, and brow also.

  2. It looks like it may have come through the Wood shop.

  3. The double lighting shadows on Dr. Zaius' upper lip and chin looks like Wood's kind of lighting and line work, and some of the rendering is Woody-esque as well. Dr. Z's eyes and eyebrows look like Wally Wood eyes to me also. The style fits. The line work fits. Even the leaves in the background would seem plausible as being Wally Wood foliage. Is it Wood though? Certainly seems within the realm of possibility. Time period fits as well.