Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Captain Science-Time Door of Throm

A number of the 1950's CAPTAIN SCIENCE stories done by Wallace Wood (often in collaboration, as here, with Joe Orlando) have been reprinted since the early 1970's in fanzines, in books and in reprint comics. This one, "Time Door of Throm" did not look familiar to me and when I checked the GCD it does not indicate any reprint appearances. If, in fact, it has been reprinted at all, I'd say it's at least a bit rarer than most of these stories so here it is. Enjoy as Wood and Orlando, too, for that matter begin to show their quickly developing pre-EC skills.


  1. Hi, just come across your site. Love Wally's work on early Daredevil issues so happy to link this site from my blog. Best wishes.


  2. Great scans! Found some Captain Science at the Digital Comic Museum but these have much better color. Thank you for posting!