Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jester's League of America

Over at THE BRONZE AGE OF BLOGS, friend Pete has posted the entire series of the mid-sixties Topps super hero parodies (in B&W) by Len Brown, Roy Thomas, Gil Kane and Wally Wood. (He's even posted the Art Spiegelman joke ads!). Roy's attached credits (from ALTER EGO) would seem to indicate that Woody did, in fact, ink the questionable panel we posted the other day. The problem is that I still don't see it. Here's the whole piece and except for maybe the cover, I see no real trace of Wood. Looks like pure Gil Kane to me. Well, okay, maybe Wonder Woman in panel one looks like Woodwork. Maybe he started this one and Gil finished it solo? You guys?

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  1. I've had this set since I bought it from Len Brown sometime back in the 70's and it never occurred to me that it's not Wood inks! His inking style is all over the place, but it's hard to prove. The WW you mention is a good example of the Wood touch. The lower legs in panel 4 (esp. Bats') and panel 5. The hair highlights in the last panel. "Gil Kane's" right hand also in the last panel, especially the knuckles. The inking is very clean, like Kane's, but looks much more polished than his inks did in the mid 60's. Besides, that sure looks like Wood brushwork and Kane was just using a Rapidograph pen (IIRC).

    Fun though!
    (Nonbook) Steve