Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wally or No Wally?

Here's a piece of original art found on the 'Net that comes from the little Topps parodies done by Woody, Gil Kane and writer Roy Thomas. This was listed as Wood and I can't say that it isn't. Maybe if I saw more of the art I could tell for sure. I'm more familiar with the oft-reprinted Marvel ones. Doesn't have any telltale Wood signs but that doesn't mean anything. Don't see a lot of Gil Kane in this either, though. In fact, the Flash character reminds me more of the work of Ross Andru! Says it's Wood. Could be Wood. What do you think?


  1. "The handling of the black and the drawing of the leg of the Batman character especially remind of the way Wally would handle humourous drawings.

  2. I remember the parody: it involved the League preparing to take on the one foe they couldn't defeat... the artist and his eraser. This page doesn't really show it, but this was one of Gil Kane's masterpieces. I don't know if Kane inked this or not, but he definitely pencilled it.

  3. Just gone to the bookshelf to get my copy of Alter Ego: The Comic Book Artist Collection which has all of these, Steve. It's definitely Gil & Woody ( in fact the last panel is a Gil self-portrait! ) Not sure which ones you've got, but there's a fair few of 'em. I'll post 'em tomorrow maybe.