Monday, September 14, 2009

The Cat

THE CLAWS OF THE CAT was originally designed to be a pro-women's lib character at Marvel in the early seventies. Art on the first issue was by Marie Severin and Wally Wood (with a number of faces obviously redrawn by Marie after the fact). I often wondered if Wood's inks were considered somehow inappropriate because of his tendency to oversexualize women. Note the typical Wood machinary in this panel, though. Anyway, while he may have been gone by the next issue, our friend the Groovy Agent shows us his work on issue 1 today at DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND.

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  1. Steve,
    Pete Dorree at the Groovy Agent's blog makes reference to the cover for issue #1 having to be touched up by Marie and John Romita. I wonder, has the original art for #1 ever been available for viewing?
    Great to see an entry about my favorite character!