Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Witchcraft Inside Cover Art

The Index says this is Woodwork and as ever I bow to Bhob's superior knowledge but I have to say I barely see it. Not the Wood of 1952 anyway, I detect what seems to me like Orlando so I guess it could be some combination of the Orlando/Wood team. The screening gives it a Wood feel but the shadows and particularly the faces seem wrong. What's your opinion?


  1. Former Woodworker Alan Kupperburg (and a successful artist himself) writes:
    I believe today's post is by Sid Check, not Woody. I thought so as soon as I saw it and then I noticed the initials "SC" by the woman's right shoulder in the lower left hand of the page.

  2. Definitely not Woody. I was going to guess Harry Harrison, but it seems Mr. Kupperburg is right.

  3. It's certainly a Wood imitation and not Wood. The six foot long arm on the guy in the boat, second last panel, is ridiculous. Like so many other 1950's horror comics, it seems that the command from the upper levels to capture the EC success/magic extended not just to the extensive descriptive Feldstein text and the horror host copies, but to imitating EC artists. Most notable the amazing Jack Davis rip-off period of Howard Nostrand.