Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Here's a rare page of art by the early combination of Harry Harrison and Wally Wood. A passable comic artist, Harrrison went on to become a successful sci-fi writer with books such as MAKE ROOM, MAKE ROOM (the inspiration for SOYLENT GREEN) and THE STAINLESS STEEL RAT.


  1. I think at EC they would hire assistants when they found out they were talented in their own right. Initially Wood was only an inker to Harrison there, then there was Orlando assisting Wood, and Frazetta inking Williamson uncredited. I don't know if Elder would have blossomed had he not first been an inker for Severin.

  2. With all respect to Harrison, Woody sure polished that apple up nice! I've seen other collaborations that were really up-notched by Wood's fantastic inks. Thanks!