Friday, January 15, 2010

Strangely Believe It With Ernie Kovacs-1958

Innovative TV funny man Ernie Kovacs was an early supporter and contributor to the magazine version of MAD, going so far as to write introductions to at least one of the book collections. For several issues in 1958, he also contributed a parody of the ever-popular RIPLEY'S "BELIEVE IT OR NOT" newspaper feature. Ernie's STRANGELY BELIEVE IT pages were drawn guess.


  1. These look glorious! Any chance you could post a larger scan?

  2. It's so frustrating! Normally pictures in these posts will embiggen (love that word!) automatically if one clicks them so I don't always check. In this case< i had to repost four times for some reason to get these to work. Click 'em now for nice big scans! Sorry,

  3. Booksteve: It was worth the effort. Wonderful example of how Wood could fill a page with cool. What "wood" we do without Wally? I tend to forget what an awesome mag Mad was back when. Love the panel with the beautifully inked bears. Great (if troublesome) post! -- Mykal