Friday, July 3, 2009

Comic Art Fans

Comic Art Fans at offers a veritable and virtual treasure trove of more than 300 pieces of original art by our hero. Pages, sketches, paintings, doodles, FOO drawings. Hours of fun embiggening and just enjoying all the black ink, the white paint, the overlays. In some cases there's even scawled notes from Wood and/or an editor on the edges! Seen here are only a few of the rarities you'll find there...all with contacts for the owners should you be fabulously wealthy and in the market!

The DYNAMO drawing above is one of the very latest sketches I've ever seen from Wood, dated April of the year in which he died. While one can clearly see the deterioration, it is still an impressive piece.

We've all seen the "Can I keep him?" piece both as Woody's sketch and Dave Stevens later poster. Here we have a rarely seen stage of this unpublished GALAXY cover done by Wood himself.
The last pieces here are DAREDEVIL preliminary sketches from the seminal DAREDEVIL # 7, the first with Wood's redesigned costume.
When you're through drooling over Wally's stuff, there's a few hundred other artists represented, too. Thanks to Bill for reminding me about this lovely site.

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