Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frederick Werthless on Baseball and Juvenile Delinquincy

Here, from MAD's August, 1957 issue is EC's belated response to Dr. Frederic Wertham and his contention that since all juvenile delinquints have read comic books, it follows that comic books cause juvenile delinquincy. Here the theory is switched quite easily to baseball. Although no author is listed (other than the pseudonymous "Frederick Werthless"), Wood delivers a number of lively and amusing illustrations. Look for his trademark little boy with a wagon as the batboy this time!

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  1. Are we SURE this is Wally Wood??? I mean, I know it SAYS so, but this looks more like Jack Davis to me, inked by Wood. If not for the printed credit, I might never guess Wood had anything to do with this.