Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vengeance of the Armored Arm

Here we have Wallace Wood's sole contribution to Gold Key's long-running BORIS KARLOFF'S TALES OF MYSTERY. Although the comic itself outlasted even the title actor, this sole appearance by Wood came in 1965's issue # 9 (reprinted in a 1972 digest). It would have been drawn around the time Woody started his brief Marvel run . One can perhaps assume that he did this and the early M.A.R.S. PATROL series for Gold Key but then landed his probably better-paying Marvel gig. GCD refuses to even go out on a limb to admit that the art is actually by Wood, attributing it to him "or someone in his studio. Possibly Dan Adkins." Stewart's index doesn't question that it's Wood and it sure looks like Wood pencils and inks to me. Neither source even suggests an author. Wasn't Russ Jones Woody's primary assistant during this period? Anyway, I've polished up the color a bit for presentation here. Definitely some enjoyable Woodwork.

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