Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nick Cuti Wins Inkpot Award

Former Woodworker Nicola Cuti who went on to create, amongst many other memorable strips, stories and characters, E-MAN, was the surprise winner of the legendary Inkpot Award today at this year's ComicCon. According to the report at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES--Cuti first broke into the business with Warren as a writer when he was still serving in the Air Force in the mid-1960s, and continued writing for the horror publisher when he returned stateside. During this period he would also write and draw his own “Moonchild” comics, a character who, like E-Man, would pop up throughout his career. Before long, Cuti would fall in with the legendary Wally Wood, with whom he would share a studio in Long Island.

Under Wood’s tutelage, Cuti was involved in the production of both “Cannon” and “Sally Forth” — a period he calls “the best days of my career.” Working from Wood’s roughs, Cuti would track down photo references, spot blacks, and apply tones. He laughed as explained the biggest challenge with these strips, which were produced for overseas servicemen: There needed to be a naked women in every installment. “We had to figure out clever ways of divesting women of their clothes,” Cuti said.

HOORAY FOR WALLY WOOD congratulates Mr. Cuti on behalf of our readers! You deserve the recognition, sir!
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  1. As an aspiring writer and kid growing-up in the '70s, Cuti was a pen-pal and a mentor. This award couldn't have gone to a nicer guy.