Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lunar Tunes Painting

Apparently this late period Bucky Ruckus painting was intended as the front cover to Wood's ultimately disappointing LUNAR TUNES graphic novel. When the book finally came out (two decades later) it was not used.


  1. I think the Colors on this, are actually quite nice. But that the resulting painting, is pretty bad. The color-to-color treatment, just isn't working for me..

    Would've been nice to see the effect of these colors underneath Wood's lushly-inked linework! The Bucky character (in particular) looks really awkward here. Even a bit off-balance..

  2. It just doesn't look like Wood work. If it is, it was a really bad day for him. I've got a seemingly unused Bucky original drawing that I will post in a few days.

  3. this IS in the published COMPLETE LUNAR TUNES... inside. Wood also did a line-art version which is better than this painted version, in which the girl is nude. we ran that as the back cover of the SOLD OUT Lunar Tunes graphic novel.
    "LUNAR TUNES is the last comics work Wood did before he killed himself. You can plainly see the struggle in the book. Wood has called all his old characters together for one last strut onstage before he exits. Wally (God) is looking down sadly onto the little world of his creation. This work... cries out."

    — Seth / Forty Cartoon Books of Interest
    (Buenaventura Press, 2006)
    "The wit in these strips is a kind of cartoon martini of burlesque vermouth shaken with Lewis Carroll gin. Throw in a couple olives pickled in the brine of bad relationships and voila! A curious... interesting footnote to a tremendous career."
    "A troubled yet entertaining, bizarre, but unmistakably individual project. I found it quite spellbinding. That it’s here is a boon for every Wood fan, though non-fans will absolutely not want to start here. A compelling portrait of a talent’s struggle to deliver just a few more bursts of expression before such things are no longer possible."
    — Jog - The Blog