Monday, July 13, 2009

Mystery Wood

Over at Thom Buchanan's today we have some real Wood and some mystery Wood that may not even be Wood at all. Mr. Sirois weighs in on the comments. Is it possible that the sketch of the girl was copied by someone else who then added other Wood-like detail and inked it in a Wood style? There's just something about this finished piece that feels not quite Woody.


  1. Steven, I certainly know what you guys are saying. Here's what I said back on my post about receiving this stuff:

    "Then too, I read these days of Wood's assistants having created work in his name. I don't know what to make of it.

    Several years after my big purchase, I had opportunity to talk about it with Gil Kane. Mysteriously, he advised me to be cautious in my assessment of holdings that I got from Wood. When I asked why, all he would say (and this was several years after Wood's death) was that Woody had demons that took him to strange places and ways of doing things. But what did that mean, I asked. And Kane changed the subject."

    So all along I have had a skeptical attitude to my holdings because I'm not privy to Woody's demons in his final year. For all I know he was desperate for money and just scooped up whatever was in a drawer, or who knows what.

    Woody is a mystery to me.

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  3. It has a couple of problems with proportion that Wood certainly never has in his work. The right hand / forearm is way too small and amateurish. She certainly doesn't have "Wood Good Girl" thighs. Also, the background comes off as a simplistic, overly symmetrical imitation of a Wood space ship interior. Just my opinion.

  4. If that's Q.P.Dahl, the girl MUST be Madame Toy! (hubba hubba)