Thursday, July 16, 2009

Girls' Love Stories

Stewart's INDEX doesn't list a co-artist on this but I can't help thinking it reminds me of Wood's collaborations with Bob Brown on SUPERBOY around that same time (1969).


  1. I think I see some Win Mortimer in there, but that is a strange collaboration! Some figures look totally Woodian (hey, new word!), but others don't look like any Wood I've ever seen (not counting the inking of course).


  2. Mention of Bob Brown immediatrely makes me think of... DAREDEVIL. For most of his run at Marvel, Brown's pencils were BUTCHERED by poor or inappropriate inks (the sad fate of MANY pencillers whose work was far better than what we ever saw printed). The 2 major exceptions, for me, were when brown was inked by Paul Gulacy (DD #108) and Dave Cockrum (AVENGERS #126).

    Considering the Black Widow was in so many DD comics Brown drew, imagine how it could have looked if he'd been inked by Wood! (Klaus Janson-- AAAAUGH!!!)