Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Cartoonist

Courtesy of Thom Buchanan (whose own blog MY DELINEATED LIFE over at http://mydelineatedlife.blogspot.com/) is quite Wood-friendly) comes this rare and wonderful 1959 cover for the National Cartoonist Society magazine, THE CARTOONIST. I don't even see this listed in THE WALLACE WOOD CHECKLIST! Dozens of no doubt on the mark caricatures of (mostly newspaper) cartoonists include the instantly recognizable Al Capp as well as an amusing look at Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz and Ernie Bushmiller as versions of their own characters.. That's Milton Caniff next to SMOKEY STOVER's Bill Holman in the fireman hat (note the trademark "foo" on his collar). I THINK the guy with glasses at the bar is Mort Walker. Presumably Floyd Gotfredson with the mouska-ears. Hank Ketcham looked nothing like Dennis the Menaces's dad but the blackhaired guy on the right does and is probably supposed to be him. That's Rube Goldberg top right with the award named after him, The Rueben, taking a drink...next to a shmoo.The grungy looking bearded guy is PROBABLY Bill Mauldin.One of the two women is probably supposed to be Dale Messick. Looks like a self-portrait toward the back on the left--guy with cigarette hanging off his lips. Anybody name any more? Thanks, Thom!


  1. That's fan-freakin'tastic! I think that must be Milton Canniff next to the guy in the fireman's helmet too, but can't place any of the others.

  2. Glad you guys like this one. Woody was so good at rendering crowds like this. I try to imagine how he did those, assuming each figure had to be worked up separately on tissue and fitted into place. Maybe he was so good he could just do it 'all at once', but surely not. Anyone know his working M.O.?

  3. No, look closely and it's obvious that this drawing was made very quickly, or at least was rushed at the inking stage. The linework is sketchy and wavering, as if there was very little pencilling (look at the hands for instance). No doubt Wood was in the middle of his back-breaking Sky Masters work, and his technique is so good that he gets away with it...