Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moonchild by Wood

Former Wood sidekick Nick Cuti forever staked his own claim to fame in comics history with his mid-seventies creation of E-MAN. Both before and after that, however, Cuti also developed a following for his own character MOONCHILD THE STARBABE, published off and on and from various publishers since the mid-sixties right up until just a few years ago. Originally done as a series of solo black and white underground comix, I first saw the charcter in color in 1972's EC homage, WEIRD FANTASIES. Both written and drawn by Cuti, Moonie (as she became known later) is a cute, big eyed and bigger breasted space traveler whose adventures later turned up a bit more explicitly done in CHERI magazine.

In the early 1990's, Forbidden Fruit ran a three issue mini-series reprinting some of the early work, presenting some all-new work and printing for the first time some originally shelved early stories of the character. The first of these issues (seen above) featured a gorgeous MOONCHILD painting by her creator and also offered for the very first time an interpretation of Moonie by Cuti's mentor, Wallace Wood. That's the one--slightly truncated due to scanner limitations--seen here.

To see what some of Nick Cuti's more serious artwork looks like, check out his TIME MACHINE illustrations here:


  1. Much thanks for promoting my little Moonie. Woody was the one who pointed to her in my stack of drawings and said: "There's something here, Nick." He was always my inspiration and influenced my drawings since the first time I saw one of his sci-fi comic book stories in an EC comic. Everything I do is a tribute to him.

  2. In 2004, I collaborated with Nick Cuti on a new MOONIE story that never saw the light of day. But it's at my blog in its entirety! Enjoy.