Sunday, March 8, 2009


Every Wallace Wood fan is aware that Wood produced the strips CANNON and SALLY FORTH for THE OVERSEAS WEEKLY in the early seventies. Did you know that there was a third strip? SHATTUCK was a "sexy western" strip drawn early on by a young Howard Chaykin (who says he remember little of it) and later by Dave Cockrum. Some sources indicate Wood working on the strip himself but others hint that he did not. What I find most intriguing about it is that I can find nothing about it! The absolute only SHATTUCK art I have ever come across is this early Cockrum drawing. Does anyone out there have any more? Maybe some actual samples of the strip itself? I'd be pleased to share it here on this site.


  1. I have access to around 50 pages of the strip.
    My grandfather owned the Overseas Weekly.
    There are boxes of print ready strip art from Shattuck sitting in a closet.

  2. That's great. Do those strips list the artist(s)? Also, I assume those are Xeroxes as opposed to original art -- correct?

  3. Do the strips you have list the artist(s)? Just wondering if they're by Chaykin, Cockrum or someone else. Also, I assume you have Xeroxes, as opposed to original art?

  4. Actually, it turns
    Out the original
    Art was in the closet too.
    I don't think that the artists are credited
    On the pages, not a good time to be an artist
    I'll see about getting in touch with Chaykin, he
    Can shed more
    Light on it

  5. Would love to see some scans--even just panels! You know where to find me.

  6. I was collecting all the Cannon/ Sally Forth and Shattuck strips from Overseas weekly at the time, and just dug them out......I think only the first 28 Shattuck's actually appeared and then I think it finished? Am I right? Ive never heard of more, but the 28 pages I have end in mid-adventure

    Did anyone send you scans yet?...I've got the 28 pages right here if need be.

    Im 99+% sure....first 15 pages were Chaykin; the rest pencilled by Cockrum. Wood or a wood assistant inked the first three pages; Jack Abel the rest.


    Never have seen any and would still love to see at least samples of the different artists' work.