Friday, April 10, 2009

Captain America

Here's yet another blogger revisiting Woody's turn of the sixties return to Marvel. This time it's cousin Rick from LET'S RAP WITH CAP, one of a couple blogs dedicated to CAPTAIN AMERICA while awaiting the return of the once and future Cap. The issue, 1970's CAPTAIN AMERICA 127, offers up one of Stan Lee's lesser tales of the star-spangled Avenger but one which showcases the unusual artistic combination of Gene Colan and Wally Wood. Their collaboration is a rare and beautiful thing. There's some wonderful night scenes, a laboratory and some lovely snow scenes. Along with Cap, Gene and Woody get to present their versions of Nick Fury, Sharon Carter, DAILY BUGLE editor Joe Robertson and an iron-free Tony Stark. Between Colan's distinctive, realistic penciling style and Wood's classic inking, Steve Rogers never looked better.(


  1. It's a great combination, unlikely as it might seem in theory (as was the team of Kirby and Wood, come to think of it).

  2. Colan didn't even know about it until I brought it to his attention a decade later. He was thrilled and amazed. Obviously and oddly, he had never received any of this issue's originals back from Marvel.