Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Destructor

From last September, here's Wood again at the Fortresss of Fortitude. This time he's adding his marvelous inking touch to old pal Steve Ditko's nifty art on the Atlas (seventies version) character, THE DESTRUCTOR. As written by Archie Goodwin, as previously stated one of the virtually unsung GREAT comics writers of his day, the character was an attempt at a SPIDER-MAN type hero (this one with a gangster background, though!). The art is some of Ditko's best of the period and the Wood/Ditko team is always a treat. This was the story from issue 1.


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  1. The Atlas properties are apparently in limbo, but I'd love to see a quality reprint of these stories. The Destructor had much potential under with Goodwin, Ditko and Wood. Unfortunately the team lasted all of two issues. Ditko stood on till the end, although Gerry Conway replaced Goodwin.

    There isn't a Ditko/Wood combination I don't enjoy. Both men were innovative craftsman and two of the best in the field.

    Nick Caputo