Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pussycat, Pussycat?

I should have checked this in advance but the Wally Wood Yahoo newsgroup (click on the big "Wood" at the bottom of this page) went all through the questionable PUSSYCAT claim we documented here yesterday not long before I joined the group last Fall.
Former Woodworker Nick Cuti stated flat out that he saw no trace of Wood in the posted page but Roger Hill posited the theory that perhaps Woody "owned" the account and brokered the stories for artists like Ward and Mooney. If that was the case, then he might possibly have had a hand in layouts. As unlikely as that seems to me, I can't discount that completely without knowing for a fact that Woody DIDN'T own the account.

What IS known for a fact is that Woody himself did one story. Here, from Fred Hembeck's site, is that entire 5 page story:

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  1. Since this was a comedy strip.. the layouts look remotely close to his work on the early MAD issues.. the more "Comic booky" color issues..

    At the same time you can see "Torchy" and others..