Friday, February 20, 2009

Pipsqueak Papers

Here we have THE PIPSQUEAK PAPERS as published by Eros Comix (Fantagraphics). It's a source of some mystery as to why this cute little feature (also reprinted along with Eros' apparently rare WALLACE WOOD'S HORNY TOADS in NAUGHTY KNOTTY WOODY) is considered to be erotic. Originally published in WITZEND, the main character is Nudine who is, as you might guess, nude. She is not, however, human and there is no real sex shown. Sex is the underlying theme of the whole piece as Nudine goes around looking for a man and, in fact, ends up pregnant. Still, PIPSQUEAK PAPERS is a marvelously drawn light fantasy with magic and monsters and cute characters. I wouldn't think twice about letting my son read it (although not in the Eros edition because of the ads for their other, dirtier product!).

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  1. I have these Wood comics from Eros (along with the TPB collection). My biggest complaint is they don't indicate where these things were reprinted from. Even the Wood Checklist from Twomorrows doesn't clearly state that.