Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Woody's Classic Covers # 2


  1. I'm sure everybody knows this, but I'm gonna say this anyway: This is apparently Stan Lee's all-time favourite Marvel comic.

  2. No I did not know that. Great cover too of course.
    Mike in FL

  3. The previous issue of Daredevil, which introduced Mr Fear, was the first American comic book I ever read. I still vividly remember sitting at the kitchen table reading it, and was delighted when, many years later, I got a replacement for my original long-vanished copy.

    It didn't make me a Daredevil fan, but it surely did make me a Wally Wood fan.

    David Simpson

  4. I was fortunately to obtain a copy which was rare to buy anywhere at this time. Not only it is still a classic but also one of the most sought after items with value still climbing.

  5. I can vouch for the Stan Lee praise. I heard him tell others that he thinks it perfectly sets up the conflict so that either hero you root for, you understand both sides of the conflict.
    Also, I have stumbled upon two copies of DD #6 at dirt cheap prices over the last ten years. I'm wondering why, cause they are both intact and classic Wally Wood. Was there an overprinting of #6 or something?